Permission for development and permission for retention of development. The site is approximately 6.2 hectares in area. There are existing protected structures within the site. No works to any of the protected structures within the subject site are proposed. The development consists of/ will consist of external alterations to the permitted 9 storey (10 storey including lift core level) Mater Adult Hospital building which was granted permission by Dublin City Council under planning register reference no. 4929/03, as modified by planning permission register reference nos. 2563/05, 5449/07, 2080/08, 3013/10, 3655/10 and 3666/13. The permitted height, footprint and gross floor space of the new hospital will not be altered by this proposal. The development therefore: (a) consists of the retention of the following external works: New access gate (2 metre wide approx.) from the NCR to the permitted gas skid, adjacent to the western delivery yard; An electricity isolation transformer enclosed in a 25 sq.m (approx.) partially louvred plant structure, located in the western delivery yard at level 0; Modification of external cladding of the southern lift/ stair core (levels 0 to 8) from permitted ceramic, cladding to an insulated render system; Replacement of part of the permitted glazed side wall of the NCR entrance foyer (north eastern side) with a granite clad wall; and (b) will consist of hardwood timber batten cladding on the new gas skid access gate (to be retained); and all associated site development works.

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Mater Misericordiae University Hospital

Plans Granted

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