An 86.9m high Visual Control Tower, on 23 levels over basement. The tower will include 2 no. internally illuminated LED signs of 40 sq m each on its shaft, and roof plant containing whip antennae and microwave links 1m in diameter. A 907 sq m single storey over basement associated administration / support building, including link corridors at basement and ground floor levels, and roof plant consisting of 10 sq m of solar thermal collectors and a boiler flue (1m above the roof line). A 37 sq m single storey security hut. A 72 sq m oil tank storage area and a 67 sq m waste storage area. 84 car parking spaces (in lieu of the existing 144 car parking spaces). Demolition of an existing 61.5 sq m single storey semi-derelict house. Demolition of the existing 45.5 m high ground radar system tower and radome. Widening of the existing vehicular access. Security fencing of 2.4 m high surrounding the application site. All assoiciated site works, landscaping and services connections.

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Control Tower Buildings


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