Strategic Housing Development

The development will consist of:

1. Construction of 332 no. residential units:
? 93 no. 1 bed apartments
? 219 no. 2 bed apartments
? 20 no. 3 bed apartments

2. Provision of 2,667 sq.m of commercial floorspace

3. Provision of 93 sq.m of community use facilities

4. Provision of 470 sq.m of tenant amenity accommodation including shared workspaces, shared dining and lounge facilities

5. Provision of 174sq.m creche facility including an external secure play area.

6. Provision of 85 no. car parking spaces and provision of realigned road between Gort na Bró and Gateway Retail Park Road.

7. Change of use of underground void to 181 bay underground car park.

8. Provision of shared communal and private open space, car parking, bicycle parking, bin storage, public lighting, site landscaping, services, signage, substation and all associated site development works.

The application contains a statement setting out how the proposal will be consistent with the objectives of the Galway City Development Plan 2017-2023, and also contains a statement indicating why permission should be granted for the proposed development, having regard to a consideration specified in Section 37(2)(b) of the Planning and Development Act 2000, as amended, notwithstanding that the proposed development materially contravenes a relevant development plan or local area plan other than in relation to the zoning of the land.

A Natura Impact Statement and an Environmental Impact Assessment Report have been preparedin respect of the proposed development.

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