The development will consist/consist of: Development within an application area of c, 6.6 hectares. Permission for a proposed new precast concrete manufacturing factory facility (c. 5,280m2) including and external hardstanding concrete yard area (c.2,5454m2) and all ancillary works. The proposed new factory will form an extension to the northern side of the existing precast concrete manufacturing factory on site as permitted by plan refs. KA101227 and KA151329; will be c. 160m long x c.33m wide (internal dimensions); with the overall height of the factory extension being the same as the existing factory at c. 14m above ground level.

Permission for 2 no. external gantry cranes (referenced 3 & 4 on plans) to be located within the existing external storage area for the movement of finished products within the storage area and for the loading of delivery HGVs. The proposed cranes will be c. 22.5m wide and c. 11.8m high and will move along a fixed track c. 160m in length. Provision for extension of existing external gantry crane no. 2 by c. 42.5m. Permission for an additional (3rd) storage silo associated with the existing concrete batching plant (p. ref. KA101227), with an overall height similar to the existing silos of c. 27.3m. Retention permission of the following items associate with plan refs. KA101227 and KA151329: Vehicle access ramp with retaining wall structure for access to the aggregate storage bins associated with the existing permitted concrete batching plant; Two-storey lean-to-structure with external staircase the southern side of the existing factory consisting of offices (2 no.), kitchenette, toilets (5 no.)/store/electrical power room and transformer room (c. 158m2); Precast factory floor area of c. 108m2 beyond the previously permitted factory area of c. 3,940m2; Stand-alone canteen/changing facility c. 127m2 (c. 18.4m long x c.6.9m wide) and c. 3.7m high. Retention permission of existing 2no. external gantry cranes (referenced 1 & 2 on plans) located to the west of the existing factory. The cranes are c. 22.5m wide and c. 11.8m high and move along a fixed track c. 160m in length.

Retention permission of the existing waste water treatment system (WWTS) and associated percolation area, with replacement of the existing WWTS to allow for increased capacity and relocation of the percolation area.

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