We, the provost, fellows, foundation scholars and other members of the board of the college of the holy and undivided trinity of queen elizabeth near dublin, intend to apply for permission for development at this site, c 0. 21 ha within the campus of trinity college, dublin, dublin 2 (consisting of the four storey biochemistry building fronting parade ground and link pedestrian bridge to watts building, two storey portacabin, single storey roberts laboratory, glasshouses and ancillary single storey structure). The development consists of: demolition of four storey, biochemistry building and link pedestrian bridge to watts building, roberts laboratory, and ancillary single storey structures; the demolition of the bridge will result in a minor alteration to the watts building facade at second floor level; removal of glasshouses and two storey portacabin; and all associated ancillary site development works above and below ground.

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