The proposed development seeks amendments to previously permitted residential development, reg. Ref. 4244/15, as subsequently amended under Reg. Refs. 2438/17, 2875/17and 3940/17.
The proposed amendments comprise of:
(i) New design, layout and orientation of permitted Block D to provide for 35 No. Units (14 No. 1 bed, 14 No. 2 bed and 7 No. 3 bed)

(ii) Repositioning, reorientation and provision of an additional floor on the west side of Block E increasing the height from 6 No. Storey as permitted to 6-7 storeys as proposed, all to provide for 46 No. Units (13 No. 1 bed, 20 No. 2 bed and 13 No. 3 bed )

(iii) Amendments to all elevations of Blocks D and E incorporating new and revised balconies/terraces generally on all floors;

(iv) Revised hard and soft landscaping master plan; and

(v) All associated site development works and ancillary infrastructure and site services to facilitate the proposed development.

The proposed amendments will provide for a reduction of 7 No. Units in Block D (From 42 to 35) and 4 No. additional units to Block E ( From 42 to 46) bringing the total unit provision within the development from 358 No. as permitted to 355 No. as proposed.

Carriglea Industrial Estate

Plans Applied

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