Development at this site, the development will consist of the construction of a windfarm which comprises 8 no. Turbines (max blade tip height not exceeding 126. 5m), construction of approx. 6 km of new access roads within the windfarm site, an electrical sub-station (62. 9 sq. M. ), meteorological mast (80m), 38 kv underground grid connection (approx 13. 9 km) running in the public road from the wind farm site to ballydine, associated drainage and site development works. The proposed wind farm is located on curraghadobbin hill (3 no. Turbines) and carrigadoon hill (5 no. Turbines). Vehicular access/egress to/from the site is from a revised and upgraded existing entrance on the county road to the east of carrigadoon hill (at newtown upper); and from a new access to curraghdobbin hill from the county road to the south of curraghadobbin hill (curraghadobbin) an environmental impact statement has been prepared and is submitted with the application

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Townlands of Curraghadobbin, Macreary, Ballinurra, Poulmaleen,

Plans Refused

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