Provision for the change of use of the former computer manufacturing facility to a biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility which will require the alteration and extension of the existing building, the installation of ancillary external utilities in the existing yards and all associated site development works. The proposed change of use of the existing 40,538 m.sq. building includes; internal alteration of the existing single storey production area to accommodate the installation of a new biopharmaceutical manufacturing process; the addition of 23,679 m.sq. of floor area to be provided by a 1st floor plant room over the existing production area, single storey warehouse extension, 3 No. 2 storey electrical room extensions; all resultant alterations to the existing elevations and the installation of 5 no. additional boiler flues. The proposed development also provides for the construction of a new 3 storey, 4,440 m.sq. laboratory building which will be linked to the existing building at ground and 1

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