14 Mar 2022 An Bord Pleanala grants permission with conditions

Permission for development to demolish an ESB Substation (22 sq.m) and construct a Mixed-Use Building (residential, shop, licensed discount foodstore and cafe/coffee shop) with ancillary facilities and services (totalling 3,935 sq.m gross floor space over four florrs and ranging in height from between 3 storey to 5 storey height equivalent) with undercroft an ancillary surface vehicle parking, all at a site of approximately 0.41 hectares. The development will consist of the demolition of an ESB Substation (22 sq.m) and the construction of a Mixed –Use building comprising: A cafe/coffee shop unit (100 sq.m.), circulation areas, bicycle and bin storage areas, electricity substation and switch rooms, goods delivery and storage area, internal trolley bay, travellators to and from first floor level, and undercroft vehicular parking, access lobbies with stairs and lifts to licensed discount foodstore and residential apartments, al at ground floor level (733 sq.m gross floor space). A shop unit (90 sqm) as defined under Article 5 of the Planning and Development Regualtions 2001 ( as amended) and a licensed discount foodstore (1.205 sq.m net retail floorspace) with ancillary off-licence, bakery preparation, storage (incl. Cold storage), cicruclation areas, public lobby and toilets,staff welfare facilities (icl. Operations office, meeting and welfare rooms, shower and toilets) , IT room, open plant area (91 sq.m.), travellators to and from ground floor level, staircase and lift to second and third floor residential apartment levels, all at first floor level ( 2,270 sq.m gross floor space) 4 no. 2 bedroom apartments (82 sq.m, 90 sq.m, 93 sq.m and 109 sq.m respectively) with private balconies, staircase and lift to third floor residential level, private communal rooftop open space landscaped courtyard area (70 sq.m), all at second floor level. (466 sq.m gross floor space) 4 no. 2 bed apartments (82 sqm, 90 sq m, 93 sq. M and 109 sq m respectively)with private balconies all at third floor level (466 sq. m gross floor space) The propsed overall site development includes: a total of 64 no. vehicular parking spaces of which 51 no. undercroft (7 no. parent and child, 3 no. disabled and 41 no. regular) and 13 no. surface car parking spaces (3 no. electric vehicle and 10 no. regular), 6 n. Motorcycle parking spaces, 44 no. bicycle parking spaces (incl. 12 no. dedicated to residential ) boundary treatments, hard and soft landscaping, corporate and information signage.

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Mixed Development New Build in Cork

Site Located Between: R620 Douglas Relief Road And

Plans Granted

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