59 Multi-unit Residential Developments Granted in January 2016

Positive Signals from the Residential Developments Sector

The image below provides a geographical location for each of the 59 Multi-unit Residential Developments (> 2 units) granted full planning permission in Ireland during January 2016.  The indicators for the Residential Developments sector are improving as BuildingInfo CEO, Danny O’Shea, pointed out in a recent interview with the Sunday Business Post.

Commenting specifically on the reducing lag time from Planning Application to On-site Commencement, Danny O’Shea says “This lead-in time has stagnated the industry in recent years, but we have seen it reduce gradually throughout 2015. At the beginning of 2015, the duration stood at 141 weeks. This will continue to reduce throughout 2016, further improving the activity levels in the sector. All of this augers well for increased residential output into 2016 and beyond,”.

Residential Developments Granted

Full details on each of the projects highlighted, including project descriptions and key contact details, on the above map are available to BuildingInfo subscribers.  We also offer free trial access via our website.  For further details feel free to contact our support team – 01 9053200 or info@buildinginfo.com