Average durations: Planning Application to Construction Commencement

Average Durations: Planning Application to Construction Commencement

In this post we examine the time that planning applications are taking to reach on-site construction commencement across all sectors explored in the first edition of the Building Information Index – Q1 2015.  The average number of weeks for a planning application to reach construction commencement phase is currently at 79 weeks, however applications in the Residential Construction sector are currently taking approximately +80%  longer than this at 142 weeks – almost 3 years.


 No of weeks to commencement


Residential Construction Projects

Residential Commencements

Commercial & Retail

Commercial Construction Projects

Commercial Construction Commencements


Medical Construction Projects

Medical Construction Commencements


School Construction Projects

Education Construction Commencements


Agricultural Construction Projects

Agriculture Construction Commencements


Industrial Construction Projects

Industrial Construction Commencements


Social and Community Construction Projects

Social and Community Construction Commencements

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