Client Interview: GlenVac Central Vacuum Systems

Interview with Owen McNamee, Director


How do GlenVac specialise for the Irish construction sector?

Glenvac are the primary supplier and installers of Husky™ built in Central Vacuum Systems throughout Ireland and with over 20 years of experience, provide an unparalleled level of expertise and service.

We have completed in excess of 10 thousand central vac systems in Ireland for private houses all over Ireland in the past twenty years.

Husky™ offers the widest choice of central vacuum systems in Ireland on the market, including disposable bag vacuum systems, hybrid cyclonic, wet and dry, and H2O models.

They can be installed in new or existing homes or commercial premises and can cover up to 10,000ft² (1,000m²).

Fig. 1 – Central Vacuum product selection

Fig. 1 – Central Vacuum product selection

What other services to Glenvac provide?

In today’s energy conscious world, the regulation of thermal performance of buildings has created a need for more efficient ventilation systems to minimise heat loss and unnecessary energy consumption.

To meet this demand, GlenVac now offer a Heat Recovery Ventilation System (HRV) which provide contact controlled ventilation to homes without creating cold draughts or increasing the heat loss normally caused by ventilation.

This system is complemented by an innovative air distribution system made up of semi-circular ducting that is both compact and easy to install, bringing savings in space and time spent on-site.

Fig. 2 - HRV System

Fig. 2 – HRV System

Heat Recovery Ventilation extracts warm moist air from rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens and uses the heat of this stale air to warm the cooler fresh air from outside. This warmed fresh air is then supplied into living rooms and bedrooms. To learn more watch this short video.

Glenvac supply and install Heat Recovery Ventilation systems throughout Ireland for both domestic homes and commercial buildings. A system can be installed within 2-5 days for an average sized domestic dwelling and prices start from £2500.

Typical payback for the Heat Recovery Ventilation systems range from 7-10 years, however there are many health benefits as the system contributes to a much healthier living environment.

What recent projects have you been involved in?

As well as many thousands of private dwellings, we also have completed and installed Vacuum and Ventilation systems in:

– Westerna Arms Hotel, Monaghan
– Railway Village Residential Development, Louth
– Nuremore Hotel, Monaghan
– Funtasia, Drogheda
– Darver Castle, Monaghan

You have been subscribed to BuildingInfo for some time now – has it been beneficial to date?

Absolutely – The BuildingInfo website has become crucial in helping us to identify projects of interest in an easy and timely manner. It boasts a really user friendly platform and the email alerts keep us to date on important project commencements.


Details on Glenvac range of services, products and expertise can be found on their website.

Call Owen McNamee on +353 (0)87 9459214 or email for further details.