Residential Construction – €4.7m Residential Development in Co. Dublin

Residential Construction Project in Rathcoole

Co. Dublin

Stage: Commencement

Start Date: 9th July 2015

Units: 27

Construction of 27 dwellings which have been divided into four blocks; Block 1 consists of 5 three bedroom dwelling houses and 4 four bedroom dwelling houses; Block 2 consists of 1 four bedroom dwelling house and 1 three bedroom dwelling house; Block 3 consists of 7 three bedroom dwellings and 6 four bedroom dwellings; Block 4 consists of 3 one bedroom dwellings; construction of access road including the provision of footpaths, grass verges and car parking amenities and for all associated works; construction of a foul sewer network to serve the proposed development which shall connect into existing foul sewer network; construction of a surface water sewer network to serve the proposed development including the provision of the necessary attenuation elements and for the connection of the surface water network to the existing surface water network; provision of a watermain to serve the proposed development; provision of public open space amenities including landscaping; construction of relevant boundary walls and fences and for the construction of piers and boundary walls at the access point to the proposed development; public signage throughout the development and all ancillary site works.

Pavement Residential Construction

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Pavement Investments Ltd.
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Greenogue Industrial Estate
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