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National Housing Construction Index Vol. 21 – Jan to Jun 2015

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Residential Construction sector remains positive

…despite dramatic drop in Self Build Housing Construction

New data from the National Housing Construction Index illustrates that in the first 2 quarters of 2015 a fall in activity in the residential construction sector when compared to 2014 has been seen. The main factor for the drop is the reduction in Self Build housing construction commencements, which fell by over -40% year on year.

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However, the medium term outlook for the housing construction sector is positive, with the latest edition of the National Housing Construction Index (NHCI) from Link2Plans showing that new housing planning applications increasing by+14% in the first six months of 2015 when compared to the same period in last year, but project commencements have fallen nationally by -26% year on year. Residential Construction planning applications The data contained in the National Housing Construction Index is aggregated by consultancy Link2Plans from real time planning and project information in every local authority area, with the latest edition of the National Housing Construction Index tracking every project from January through to June 2015, and comparing it with the same period in 2014. According to Danny O’Shea Managing Director of Link2Plans “Two very distinct themes have emerged in the Irish residential construction sector in the first half of 2015. Firstly, when compared to the same period in 2014, there has been consistent bi-monthly growth in the number of project applications which shows continued confidence in the sector. Secondly, commencements are down quite dramatically when compared to 2014 on account of the new building regulations introduced on 1st March of that year, which created a once off spike in the number of projects started.” “Commencements fell by -26% nationally in the first half of 2015 when compared to same period in 2014, with every county apart from Wicklow, recording a fall in the number of project commencements. Applications however have returned strong growth for the first six months of 2015 when compared to 2014, with a +24% increase and every county except Dublin recording a rise. A more accurate barometer of the recovery in the Irish residential construction sector is the +22% increase in the number of commencements in the first six months of 2015 when compared to the same period in 2013.” continued Danny O’Shea Managing Director of Link2Plans. Residential Construction Commencements Danny O’Shea Managing Director of Link2Plans said that “nationally, in the first half of 2015 the number of project commencements fell by 1,063 from 4,080 to 3,017 when compared with the same period in 2014, with Wicklow the only county to record an increase with +1%. The smallest year on year decreases were in Dublin (-3%), Kilkenny (-7%), Waterford (-10%) and Cavan (-11%).”

Applications up +14% nationally

Danny O’Shea Managing Director of Link2Plans said that “The number of planning applications in the first six months of 2015 rose by 893 from 6,503 to 7,396, representing an increase of +14% nationally year on year. Leitrim, Louth and Westmeath were the best performing counties for the first six months of 2015 when compared to 2014, recording growth of +74%, +66% and +48% respectively. Offaly (+43%), Louth (+43%), Donegal (+35%) and Longford (+32%) also returned significant increases while Dublin (-5%) was the only county to record a fall in the number of planning applications.”

Number of Multi-Unit Developments triple in two years

Project commencements can be divided into three categories including residential developments (multiple unit developments), one-off housing (self-build projects) and one-off housing extensions (self build extensions). Danny O’Shea Managing Director of Link2Plans said that “Another metric which points to the upward turn in the residential construction sector over the last two years is the huge increase in the number of multi-unit developments. For instance, for the whole of 2013, there were commencements for 72 multi-unit developments, while in the just the first half of 2015, the number has tripled with commencements for 232 projects.” The National Housing Construction Index is produced by a team of researchers at Link2Plans and it relates to all Planning Applications and Project Commencements throughout the months of January to June 2015 and gives a direct comparison with the same period in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Link2Plans have produced this index bi-monthly and it has been the most accurate barometer of real time sentiment (planning applications) and actual residential construction activity (project commencements) including residential developments (multi-units), one-off housing (self-build) and one-off housing extensions. Link2Plans is Ireland’s premier housing construction research body and is a sister company of Building Information Ireland.

Construction Projects – Application to Commencement Durations

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According to the latest edition of the Building Information Index Vol. 2 Q1/Q2 2015 the average time it takes for  construction projects to move from Planning Application phase to Commencement is now standing at 74 weeks representing a 6% drop in duration times from end of Q1. Of the seven construction projects sectors examined by the Index, the Residential sector is the only one showing significant delays, currently at 139 weeks. As this sector represents such a large amount of the overall industry it is having a substantial effect on the total average.

Building Information Index


The Building Information Index is compiled from real time planning and construction projects data by a team of researchers at Building Information Ireland. The full Q1/Q2 index can be downloaded here.  Full details on all projects aggregated in the Index can be viewed on the BuildingInfo website.  A free 10 day trial is available.

100+ Dublin Construction Projects Commenced

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Dublin construction projects commenced with build value greater than €1m each – Q1 &Q2 2015

The image below is a visual representation of more than 100 construction projects with a build value in excess of €1m that commenced in Dublin during the first two quarters of 2015. The number of Residential construction projects on the map is an interesting highlight with density of commercial construction project increasing towards the city centre.

Construction Projects Dublin

Full details on all of the construction projects referenced on this visual are available on our website to subscribers or on our free 10 day trial. Building Information Ireland, based in Malahide Co. Dublin, researches and publishes construction project data for all of Ireland. Our subscribers have privileged access to 1000’s of researched construction project leads on a 24/7 basis via our online portal.

School Construction – Presentation Brothers College Extension, Mardyke, Cork

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Presentation Brothers College

Value: €200k

Floor Area: 280 Sq M

Commencement Notice: 24th August 2015

School Construction / Extension: To remove an existing pre-fabricated building and to construct a single storey locker room/entrance extension to the west of the existing gym and a single storey canteen extension to the east of the existing canteen, together with minor alterations to the existing pedestrian entrance including all associated site works.

MOS School construction

Murnane & O’Shea Ltd.
Co. Cork
027 50198 | info@mosgroup.ie | www.mosgroup.ie

KOBW Architects
Heron House
Blackpool Retail Park
021 450 2319 | arch@kobw.ie | www.kobw.ie

Presentation Brothers College
Co. Cork
021 4272743 | info@pbc-cork.ie | www.pbc-cork.ie

August 2015 – Construction Project Commencements

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75 Construction Project Commencements

The image below details the geographic distribution and main construction project sector of 75 construction project commencements that we currently have details on for August 2015.  All main construction project sectors are represented as the map points indicate.  The highest density of construction project commencements is naturally seen in the greater Dublin region – the largest construction project commencement in this dataset is a 154 unit Residential Development in West Co. Dublin which lodged a commencement notice for the 4th August.  Full details on all these schemes are available on our website and via our 10 day free trial.

Construction Project Commencements


Building Information Ireland publishes data on all construction project commencements, planning applications and decisions and construction tenders in Ireland. Our data covers all main construction sectors – residential, commercial & retail, industrial, medical, education, civil, social and agriculture.

Q1 & Q2 – 68 Medical Construction Commencements

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Following yesterday’s announcement that a new planning application was to be submitted for the development of the National Children’s Hospital at St. James’s in Dublin, the image below illustrates the geographical distribution of 68 Medical Construction projects commenced in the Republic of Ireland during Q1 & Q2. Notable densities around Cork and Dublin cities.

Medical Construction Commencements


Building Information Ireland was launched in 2015 and publishes data on all Medical construction projects on it’s simple to use and cost effective online project database.  Subscribers to BuildingInfo have access to literally hundreds of Medical construction projects, as well as projects in every other sector, including key contact details and project schedules.

A free 10 day trial is available on our website

Hospital Construction – €1.5m Mid Western Regional Hospital Co. Tipperary

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Mid Western Regional Hospital
Thurles Road
Co. Tipperary

Value: €1.5m

Commencement: 29th July 2015

The Hospital construction development proposed will consist of the refurbishment of existing ward accommodation to the south east of the hospital and the provision of a new single storey extension incorporating 16 no. single bed wards and ancillary accommodation all at ground floor level. The works shall include all ancillary, associated, enabling works and temporary provisions together with rerouting of a section of the existing campus access road. The development is proposed on a site which includes buildings listed as Protected Structures within the site curtilage

Manley Hospital Construction

O’ Connell Mahon Architects
9 Fitzwilliam Place
Dublin 2
01 6767408 | info@oconnellmahon.ie | www.oconnellmahon.ie

Health Service Executive – Mid Western Area
31-33 Catherine Street, Limerick
061 316655 | info@hse.ie | www.hse.ie

Manley Construction
Main Street
Duleek, Co. Meath
041 9823981 | info@manleyconstruction.com | www.manleyconstruction.com

Medical Construction – €1.6m Galway Hospice Extension

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Dublin Road
Co. Galway

Floor area: 634 Sq M

Started: 13th July 2015

Permission for proposed development works at the centre consisting of a single storey rear, east extension including partial reduction of part of existing building, a two storey side north extension, for additional bedroom accommodation, communal areas and ancillary service areas. A single storey courtyard extension, various elevation changes and site development works including blocking up existing access from Renmore Road via Church grounds and forming new pedestrian entrance from right of way to western boundary. Plus permission consequent on outline permission for new access road junction from Dublin Road (outline Pl. Ref.)

Galway Hospice Construction

McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan Ltd.
Block 1 Galway Financial Services Centre
Moneenageisha Road, Co. Galway
091 735611 | info@mccarthykos.ie | www.mccarthykos.ie

The Galway Hospice
Dublin Road
Renmore, Co. Galway
091 770868 | info@galwayhospice.ie | www.galwayhospice.ie

John Madden & Sons Ltd.
Kilmaine Rd
094 9541166 | info@johnmaddenandsons.ie | www.johnmaddenandsons.ie

Hospital Construction – €1.8m Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Extension

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Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital
Cooley Road
Dublin 12

Floor area: 413 Sq M

Started: 23rd July 2015

The hospital construction development will consist of a three-storey extension to the hybrid cardiac catheterisation laboratory (planning reference 3533/13) providing a new Orthopaedic Theatre and support rooms at first floor, suspended over an existing car park, ground floor plant room and new roof-top plant room, all measuring 413 m2, with associated site works and adjustments to car park.

Clancy Hospital Construction

Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital
Cooley Road
Crumlin, Dublin 12
01 4096100 | admissions@olchc.ie | www.olchc.ie

Cullen Payne Architects
56-58 Drury Street
Dublin 2
01 643 7300 | info@cullenpayne.ie | www.cullenpayne.ie

Clancy Construction Ltd.
Drangan, Thurles, Co.Tipperary
091 52166 | build@clancyconstruction.ie | www.clancyconstruction.ie

Hospital Construction – €10m Cork University Hospital Extension

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Cork University Hospital

Floor area: 2969 Sq M

Started: 8th July 2015

The hospital construction development will consist of the refurbishment and extension of the existing single storey paediatric unit located to the rear of the main hospital building, to provide new patient accommodation including the construction of a two storey extension over the existing single storey paediatric unit to provide accommodation for a new outpatient unit, day ward and research facilities with associated plant located on the roof, a new stair and lift block linking the new development to the main hospital building at ground and first floor levels, a new stair block to the rear of the development and associated external landscaping works.

Clancy Hospital Construction

Health Service Executive – Southern Area
Cork Farm Centre
Dennehy’s Cross
Wilton Road, Co. Cork
021 4545011 | info@hse.ie | www.hse.ie

149 Francis Street
Dublin 8
01 4734625 | info@pascalls.ie | www.pascalls.co.uk

Clancy Construction
Thurles, Co. Tipperary
052 9152166 | build@clancyconstruction.ie | www.clancyconstruction.ie