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Construction & Planning Activity – September 2018

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Construction & planning activity by sector during September 2018. The table below outlines the volumes of projects either submitted for planning, granted planning permission or commenced construction.

  Applied Granted  Commenced
Agriculture Construction 124 128 31
Commercial Construction 139 133 45
Education Construction 55 35 39
Industrial Construction 84 56 24
Medical Construction 25 20 8
Residential Construction 288 151 48
Social Construction 98 77 19

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Building Information Index – H1 2017

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Welcome to the latest volume of the Building Information Index

This volume of the Building Information Index provides insight and key analysis of activity in the construction industry for the first six months of 2017. It also provides an invaluable foresight as to what the remainder of 2017 and 2018 will bring. I hope you find it informative.

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In this volume actual activity to the end of June 2017 is compared to the same periods in 2016 and 2015. The analysis takes a close look at the construction industry broken down by region, funding source and sectors; Residential, Commercial & Retail, Medical, Education, Agriculture, Industrial and Social.



The total value of Construction Project Commencements grows by €969M (+26%) for the six months to end of June 2017

The value of construction project Commencements for the first six months of 2017 has grown by +26% when compared to the same period in 2016. This represents a continued trend of growth which is up +99% when compared to the same period in 2015. However, when broken down only three of the seven sectors examined actually registered growth. The increase is largely underpinned by the Residential sector which is up €1.14bn (+67%) followed by Agricultural (+102%) and Social (+53%). Industrial (-33%), Commercial & Retail (-4%), Educational (-12%), Medical (-10%) all recorded decreases in Commencements. On the postitive side all sectors still show an increase when compared to 2015.

Value of Applications rises

The value of construction project Applications rose by 11% to €9.69bn when compared to the first six months in 2016. This represents an increase of +27% when compared to the same period in 2015. Again this growth is driven by the Residential sector, the largest sector which is up +€1.41bn (+34%). The only other sector to show a growth is Social (+156%). The other five Commercial/Retail(-19%), Industrial(-16%), Medical(-30%), Education(-25%) and Agricultural(-14%) recorded decreases.

The Building Information Index is measured by factors that correlate with the phases in a construction project. The first is project Commencements which relate to projects that are in progress on-site and where construction activity has started. The second is Applications which are a real time barometer of sentiment in the construction sector and relate to all projects yet to be approved for planning. Thirdly we look at projects that have been granted permission. This shows projects that are further along in the cycle, and being approved, they show more short term potential in the market.

March 2017 – 820 Construction Projects Commence

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Analysis of Construction Projects Commenced during March 2017

  Sector   Total     Largest Project Commenced
  Agriculture   17   €2.1 M – Agricultural Development in Aglish, Co. Waterford
  Civil   11   €6.7 M – Dublin Airport Authority Extension
  Commercial 36   €39 M – Office Extension IDA Technology Park Waterford
  Education 28   €2.9 M – School Development Cosmona, Co. Galway
  Industrial 19   €11 M – Celtic Pure Factory Extension, Co. Monaghan
  Medical 11   €7.3 M – Bon Secours Care Village Extension, Co. Cork
  Residential 51   €100 M – Mixed Development in Carrigaline, Co. Cork
  Self-Build 637   450 Sq M – House & Garage Development in Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo
  Social 10   €2.2 M – Parish Church Extension in Kilternan, Co. Dublin


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Locations of largest commencements by sector – March 2017

Construction Projects

Q1 2017 – Granted Planning Permissions by Sector

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Examination of Granted Planning Permissions by sector during Q1 2017.  

Agriculture Consruction

Agriculture – 387 Granted Projects

Decrease of 197 v’s 2016

Commercial Construction

Commercial & Retail – 486 Granted Projects

Increase of 69 v’s 2016

Schools Construction

Education – 120 Granted Projects

Increase of 2 v’s 2016

Industrial Construction

Industrial – 179 Granted Projects

Increase of 42 v’s 2016

Hospital Construction

Medical – 58 Granted Projects

Decrease of 19 v’s 2016

Residential Construction

Residential – 432 Granted Projects

Increase of 109 v’s 2016

Social Construction

Social & Community – 225 Granted Projects

Increase of 90 v’s 2016

Q1 & Q2 Building Projects Commencements

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2014/2015 Comparative figures per sector – Q1 & Q2

The image below compares the volume of building projects commenced in the Republic of Ireland per sector in 2014 versus 2015. Overall the comparison showed a mixed set of results with increases or stability year on year for building projects in the Commercial, Education, Industrial and Medical sectors but with declines in the Agriculture, Residential and Social sectors.

Building Projects Commenced


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Over 200 €1m+ Building Projects Granted During Q2 2015

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Building Projects in all construction sectors

The image below shows the geographical distribution of 212 Building Projects in the Republic of Ireland valued in excess of €1m that received planning permissions granted during Q2 of this year.  Each of the icons on the map represents the broad sector that each project falls into.  All main construction sectors are represented including Residential, Medical, Commercial and Retail, Industrial, Civil, Education and Social. An interesting observation is the absence of high value granted permissions in counties Clare, Leitrim, Cavan and Wexford and conversely the density of projects in the greater Dublin region.

€1m Building Projects

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Average durations: Planning Application to Construction Commencement

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Average Durations: Planning Application to Construction Commencement

In this post we examine the time that planning applications are taking to reach on-site construction commencement across all sectors explored in the first edition of the Building Information Index – Q1 2015.  The average number of weeks for a planning application to reach construction commencement phase is currently at 79 weeks, however applications in the Residential Construction sector are currently taking approximately +80%  longer than this at 142 weeks – almost 3 years.


 No of weeks to commencement


Residential Construction Projects

Residential Commencements

Commercial & Retail

Commercial Construction Projects

Commercial Construction Commencements


Medical Construction Projects

Medical Construction Commencements


School Construction Projects

Education Construction Commencements


Agricultural Construction Projects

Agriculture Construction Commencements


Industrial Construction Projects

Industrial Construction Commencements


Social and Community Construction Projects

Social and Community Construction Commencements

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