Construction underway for €66m, 276 unit housing development in Cork

Construction of the €66 million Strategic Housing Development (SHD) in Ardrostig and Waterfall Road, Co Cork has officially kicked off.

This month, work began on the building of 28 homes at Ardarostig, Waterfall Road, Co Cork.

These are the first of 276 residential units planned at the site – 136 houses, 99 apartments and 40 duplexes.

Of the houses, there are set to be 40 two-storey, three-bedroom semi-detached houses, 12 two-storey, three-bedroom detached houses, 56 two-storey, three-bedroom terraced houses, 14 two-storey, four-bedroom semi-detached houses and 15 three-storey, four-bedroom terraced houses.

The apartments and duplexes will be across seven blocks ranging from three to five storeys with a total of 54 one-bed apartments, 65 two-beds and 20 three-beds.

One block (Block 5 in plans) is to provide a café (147 sq. m) fronting Waterfall Road at ground floor level.

Credit: 3D Design Bureau

This month, work began on the building of 28 homes at Ardarostig, Waterfall Road, Co Cork of the of the €66 million Strategic Housing Development (SHD). Credit: 3D Design Bureau

As part of the development, a single-storey creche (271 sq. m) is included in the plans.

The development will also provide new vehicular access and pedestrian entrances onto Waterfall Road, a two-way cycle track and pedestrian footpath.

Provisions have been made for a road to extend the existing pedestrian pathway, a pelican crossing on Waterfall Road and an uncontrolled pedestrian crossing at the Heiton Buckley/Audi Cork entrance junction to the site.

Developers Ardstone Homes Limited had put forward a planning application for the SHD in May 2021, with approval granted with conditions in September of that year.

An Bord Pleanála ruled that although granting permission to the site “would materially contravene specific local objective SE-R-10 in permitting a density of 38.7 units per hectares, in excess of the Medium B densitv range outlined in the Local Area Plan”, it would be justified due to the “national importance” in its delivery of building housing and the Project Ireland National Planning Framework.

Nearly two years on from the approval date, work officially started on July 20 this year.

Feature Image Credit: 3D Design Bureau