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Plans applied for nearly 1,000 new apartments in Blanchardstown

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Plans for almost 1000 new apartments in Blanchardstown have been put forward.

BNY Mellon-owned Blanche Retail Nominee Ltd submitted an application to Final County Council for a €274m mixed-use development at what is known as the White Car Park (for Retail Park 2) and a section of surrounding roads.

With a site area of 6.62ha, the proposed Large-scale Residential Development (LRD) will see the construction of a new development for 971 apartments in seven different buildings ranging from one to 16 storeys in height (Blocks A-G).

Of these apartments, plans see 117 studios, 368 one-beds, 422 two-beds, and 64 three-beds.

Another seven commercial units are included in the current plans as well as a childcare facility, a community facility and a Place of Worship.

Further amenity floorspace will be provided to serve the residential units in Blocks A, B, D, E and F.

In a part one to part sixteen storey building, Block A will have 246 apartments (30 studio, 95 one-bed, 96 two-bed, and 25 three-beds apartment units) as well as the childcare facility and one commercial unit on the ground floor.

There will be an external roof terrace on the twelfth floor.

In a part six to part twelve-storey building, Block B has 101 apartments (64 one-beds, 32 two-beds and five three-beds) and an external roof terrace on the eighth floor.

In a part six to part eight-storey building, Block C consists of 38 apartments (two studios, 16 one-beds, 18 two-beds and two three-beds) and two commercial units at the ground level and a roof terrace on the sixth floor.

In a part eleven to part fourteen-storey building, Block D has 76 apartments (one studio, 71 two-beds and four three-beds).

In a part one to part eleven-storey building, Block E comprises of 204 apartments (38 studios, 61 one-beds, 91 two-beds and 14 three-beds) and a roof terrace on the eighth floor.

In a part one to part eight storey building, Block F has 114 apartments (30 studios, 41 one-beds, 34 two-beds and nine three-beds) with a roof terrace on the fourth floor.

Credit: Visual Lab

Of these apartments, plans see 117 studios, 368 one-beds, 422 two-beds, and 64 three-beds. Credit: Visual Lab

Finally, Block G, in a part five to part twelve-storey building, will have 192 apartments (16 studios, 91 one-beds, 80 two-beds and five three-beds), a commercial unit at ground floor level and two roof terraces – on the ninth and eleventh floor respectively.

All apartments will be provided with a balcony or a private terrace.

Plans also aspire to construct a Mobility Hub of seven levels with a total of 546 car parking spaces.

It will also be the location of three commercial units and the aforementioned place of worship and community facility.

Cycle parking will also be available and access to a roof garden area.

A further 487. car parking spaces for the residential units are provided in the basement level of Blocks A, B, C, E, F and G.

The site of the application is bound by Blanchardstown Road South to the northwest and Retail Park 2 and existing surface parking to the north/north-east, provisions for a new access road junction from Blanchardstown Road South are also included in the development plans.

The submission comes after Fingal County Council recently gave Blanche Retail Nominee Ltd the go-ahead for 348 new apartments in a mixed-use development in the northwest Dublin suburb in October of this year.